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Malcolm Ellis Coins


Best Deals for Buying and Selling

all gold coins & gold proof sets
and quality collections

Please contact Malcolm Ellis Coins for the
best prices and no obligation advice
whether buying or selling and
to secure a deal at an agreed price

Phone 01428 685566





We will pay slightly more per coin for larger quantities

Sovereigns £327

 1/2 Sovereigns - £163

 Gold Five Pound Pieces - £1635

 1oz Krugerrands - £1400

 1oz  Britannias - £1410



British Gold Proof Sets

The minimum prices WE PAY for
British Gold Proof Sets
in perfect FDC conditon and in original cases

1826 11 coin proof set £120,000
1831 14 coin proof set £80,000
1839 15 coin proof set £400,000
1887 11 coin proof set £30,000
1893 10 coin proof set £40,000
1902 13 coin proof set £7,000
1911 12 coin proof set £17,000
1937 4 coin proof set £10,500
Elizabeth II 3 coin set £1,295
Elizabeth II 4 coin sets £3,145
Elizabeth II Britannia 4 coin set £2,780
2002 Golden Jubilee 13 coin set £8,000

2002 Golden Jubilee 13 coin set £8,000








Please INSURE POST your coins to us :

Malcolm Ellis, Petworth Road, Witley, Surrey GU8 5LX

(Please NOTE - this IS the complete correct address)

By Royal Mail Special Insured Delivery, which we have always found to be prompt and reliable. Please pack your coins in a padded envelope

Packets can be insured for up to £10,000 each and cost £10 - £15 each.
For consignments worth over £10,000 please use multiple packages.

We will receive by 1pm Next day and telephone you to confirm receipt and payment amount.

Please include your telephone number. We pay by immediate bank transfer, so please supply your sort code and and account number


Phone us  01428 685566 to arrange a time to visit our office 

More details on our 'Contact us' Page - CLICK HERE




PRE 1920 & PRE 1947 SILVER

Although we mainly deal in gold coins and sets
We are also keen to buy Pre 1920 & Pre 1947 Silver Coins and all .925 Silver coins and commemoratives



British Silver Coins 1920 to 1946
For British Silver Coins dated between 1920 & 1946 we pay
At Least £24 - £30 per £1 face value
price depends on reign, condition & quanity

British Silver Coins 1920 to 1946
British Silver Coins pre 1920
For British Silver Coins dated pre 1920 even in average
worn out, out of change condition we pay
At Least £48 - £60 per £1 face value
price depends on reign, condition & quantity

Pre 1920 British silver coins
To help you calculate what face value you have
here is a list of how many 'old money' coins were in each £1.00
Eight half crowns to every £1
Ten Florins (2/-) to every £1
20 Shillings to every £1
40 Sixpences to every £1
Alternatively, to save working out the face value as above,
you can weigh your pre 1947 silver coins to find out the face value:
110 grams = £1 face value
For all .925 Silver coins and commemoratives
we pay £14 - £20 per ounce




We Also Buy Unwanted or broken gold jewellery and holed gold coins

The above video was made a few years ago
and the prices quoted maybe a little out of date SO
please refer to the prices printed below

 We paid £4000 for the items below and we are looking to buy similar hoards/collections/oddments

gold jewellery

As an example with gold @£1507 per ounce we pay 

9 carat £17 per gram       18 carat £34 per gram 

22 carat £41 per gram      24 carat £46 per gram

Prices will fluctuate - please telephone 01428 685566

We pay high prices for old unwanted damaged or broken gold jewellery, scrap gold, gold chains, old gold cigarette cases etc. 

Please send by Royal Mail special insured delivery for our offer

(No obligation involved).

We will receive the next day by 1.00pm and sign for it.


Please include your telephone number and include your bank details for immediate payment by bank transfer.

 In the unlikely event of you not accepting our offer we will return by Royal Mail special delivery free of charge.


We deal all over Great Britain

via Royal Mail Special Insured Post


Bedfordshire   .   Berkshire   .   Bristol   .   Buckinghamshire   . 

Cambridgeshire  .  Cheshire   .   City of London   .   Cornwall   . 

Cumbria   .   Derbyshire   Devon  .  Dorset  .  County Durham  . 

East Riding of Yorkshire  .  East Sussex  .  Essex  .  Gloucestershire  . 

Greater London  .  Greater Manchester  Hampshire  .  Herefordshire   .   

Hertfordshire   .   Isle of Wight  .  Kent   .   Lancashire   .   Leicestershire  

 Lincolnshire   .   Merseyside   .   Norfolk      North Yorkshire  . 

Northamptonshire  .  Northumberland  .  Nottinghamshire  .  Oxfordshire  . 

Rutland  .  Shropshire  .  Somerset  .  South Yorkshire Staffordshire  . 

Suffolk Surrey  .  Tyne and Wear  .  Warwickshire  .  West Midlands  . 

West Sussex  .  West Yorkshire  .  Wiltshire  .  Worcestershire   

London, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, South East England, 

Portsmouth, Horsham, Woking, UK, Guildford, Dorking





















Malcolm Ellis coins



specialize in buying and selling all gold coins and gold sets. We are a family business established for 63 years. Our out of city location overheads ensures low margins and therefore we can offer the best covid safe deals.

Dealing with Malcolm Ellis coins could not be easier.

On site private parking and only 30 miles from Central London. Please contact Malcolm the best prices.