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Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins


Malcolm Ellis Coins Ltd

specialise in buying and selling all gold coins,

gold sets and quality coin collections



  Dealing with Malcolm Ellis Coins Ltd could not be easier. 

We have private 
'on site' parking, only six level metres from our specially heated, safe & sheltered open air,
virus free dealing desk area, witnessing my inspection of your coins which will not leave your sight.

We are only 30 miles from central London.

 Our 'out of city' low overheads enable us to offer you
the best deals.

Please do not visit without a prior appointment

For deals over £5,000
please bring photo ID and a utility bill

We also buy and sell through Insured Postal deals
throughout the UK. Packages can be insured for up to £10,000. (deals in excess of £10,000 sent in multiple packages)

Immediate Payment by Bank transfer or some cash can be arranged

We are a family business established for 63 years.

Please contact Malcolm Ellis Coins for the
best prices and no obligation advice
whether buying or selling and
to secure a deal at an agreed price

Phone 01428 685566

or email:


Krugerrands and sovereigns


With gold at £1350 per ounce

on 20/01/22

With immediate payment
we are paying:


Gold Sovereigns 
£312 each

1oz Gold Krugerrands &
Britannias etc 

£1313 each



For large quantities of 10 sovereigns or more
and 6 Britannias or more 

 we can offer £315 for Sovereigns and £1321 for 1 ounce Britannias
as we have large orders to fulfil



 you could take advantage of our 

gold coin buying & selling brokerage and consultation service when Malcolm Ellis Coins

will work on a commission of only 2%.

We make a note of the gold coins you wish to sell or buy and match them up with a purchaser/seller.

This is only available for very large deals

Thus the buyer and the seller
will benefit by better prices.

We will endeavour for the deal
to be complete within 9 days.





3 coin proof set

British Gold Proof Sets

and all other gold Coins & sets and

quality collections urgently wanted 


Here are the minimum prices


we PAY for British gold proof sets  


in perfect FDC condition

1826 11 coin proof set £120,000

1831 14 coin proof set £80,000

 1839 15 coin proof set £400,000

 1887 11 coin proof set £30,000

 1893 10 coin proof set £40,000

1902 13 coin proof set £6,000

1911 12 coin proof set £17,000

1937 4 coin proof set £10,500

Elizabeth II 4 coin sets £2720

Elizabeth II 3 coin sets £1120

2002 Golden Jubilee 13 coin set £8050


1996 gold proof set



Please click on the links below to see the prices we pay:


Please note that some of the price information on our video and audio recordings may be slightly out of date. Please refer to the written information on this website.

Best Deals Buying and Selling all Coins



We are keen to buy

all valuable coins and medals

SEND your coins to us by Royal Mail Special Insured Delivery, which we have always found to be prompt and reliable. Please pack your coins, (and any medals for which we will quote you a price) in a padded envelope which are obtainable from the Post office or stationers. Packets can be insured for up to £2,500 each and cost about £10.00. For packages worth over £2500 please submit your Royal Mail tracking number in order for us to arrange extra insurance at our expense.


We will receive by 1pm the next day and telephone you to confirm receipt and payment amount. Please include your telephone number. We pay by immediate bank transfer, so please supply your bank sort code and account number. 

We pay by immediate bank transfer,
so please supply your bank sort code and account number. 


How to sell your Coins & Medals to  Malcolm Ellis Coins
Coins and Medals are reaching excellent prices now, particularly old quality coin collections and especially hammered gold & silver coins and early milled coinage in gold silver & copper in very fine condition.

My family and I have been buying and selling Coins & Medals for over 63 years. With that amount of experience we can offer you expert advice and personal service when you want to sell your old coins, coin collections or medals. We are also keen to purchase Royal Mint Gold and Silver Coin sets and inherited coins and collections. Probate work undertaken.

Gold Coins
We are keen to PURCHASE gold sovereigns & gold krugerrands. If you, in the past, have bought sovereigns and krugerrands for gold coin investment, NOW might be an ideal time to sell. 

Collectors' coins
If you have a collection of antique and collectable coins, please let us make an offer - no obligation involved.

2002 Golden Jubilee Gold set





REF G7 - 1489 -1989 500th Anniversary of The Gold Sovereign

1989 Gold Proof £2 piece (No case or certificate) £1690



REF G42  2008 GOLD set in wooden box comprising 14 coins - Emblems of Britain and Royal Shields 
total weight of 22 carat 169.52 grams   £7627



 REF G43 - Royal Mint 400th Anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot 1605 -2005 £2 Gold Proof  £850



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Please send an e-mail to

 to subscribe to our mailing list
so you can be kept up to date with
all our BEST DEALS!

 (all details will be kept private and not passed on to any third parties)





Selling Coins at Auction


We have often bought extensive coin collections from customers who were considering selling   them by auction. However they decided to sell them to us at Malcolm Ellis Coins as they were pleased, not only to avoid the buying & selling premiums & insurance costs but also to receive immediate payment.

If you, too, would prefer immediate payment for your complete collection of coins and medals please contact us by email - or phone - 01428 685566
























We deal all over Great Britain via Royal Mail Special Insured Post


Bedfordshire   .   Berkshire   .   Bristol   .   Buckinghamshire   .  Cambridgeshire  .  Cheshire   .   City of London   .   Cornwall   .  Cumbria   .   Derbyshire   Devon  .  Dorset  .  County Durham  .  East Riding of Yorkshire  .  East Sussex  .  Essex  .  Gloucestershire  .  Greater London  .  Greater Manchester  Hampshire  .  Herefordshire   .   Hertfordshire   .   Isle of Wight   .   Kent   .   Lancashire   .   Leicestershire   .   Lincolnshire   .   Merseyside   .   Norfolk      North Yorkshire  .  Northamptonshire  .  Northumberland  .  Nottinghamshire  .  Oxfordshire  .  Rutland  .  Shropshire  .  Somerset  .  South Yorkshire Staffordshire  .  Suffolk Surrey  .  Tyne and Wear  .  Warwickshire  .  West Midlands  .  West Sussex  .  West Yorkshire  .  Wiltshire  .  Worcestershire   

London, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, South East England,  Portsmouth, Horsham, Woking, UK, Guildford, Dorking



Malcolm Ellis coins specialize in buying and selling all gold coins and gold sets. We are a family business established for 63 years. Our out of city location overheads ensures low margins and therefore we can offer the best covid safe deals.

Dealing with Malcolm Ellis coins could not be easier.

On site private parking and only 30 miles from Central London. Please contact Malcolm the best prices.