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Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Probate and Insurance Valuations

In addition to making Coin and Medal offers, for which there is no charge or obligation,we can also help with Coin and Medal valuations for probate and insurance purposes.

If you have been made an executor, you have a duty to identify the assets of the estate and assess the value of those assets at the date of death. It can be a bewildering task to arrange a probate valuation when looking through a late relative's coin collection if you have very little knowledge of numismatics yourself.

To help you with the probate process, we suggest making a short list of the type of items involved e.g. sets or gold coins, banknotes or just boxes of mixed coins. Maybe take a couple of photos and email them to us. We can then see what quantity is involved for the probate valuation and arrange an appointment for you to visit our offices. We will need a little time to make some notes before forwarding a formal printed probate valuation, which is acceptable by the Probate authorities.

In addition to probate valuations we can also assess coins and coin collections for insurance purposes.

Of course all our valuations are strictly confidential.

A small fee will be charged for probate and insurance valuations depending on the time taken. The fee is refundable in the event that the coins are sold to Malcolm Ellis Coins.

Please ring 01428 685566  or email to discuss.