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Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Looking for the Gold and Silver coins and Proof sets ? CLICK this link


Please see the bottom of this page for Bonds/Debentures

Special Discounts 

Insured carriage free for all orders over £2500

One ounce Gold Krugerrands & Britannias 
orders over 10 coins please DEDUCT £100
orders over 20 coins please DEDUCT £300 

Gold Bullion Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns
orders over 20 coins please DEDUCT £40
orders over 40 coins please DEDUCT £120

All other Gold including Proof Sovereigns, Proof sets etc
orders over £2,000 please DEDUCT £150
orders over £4,000 please DEDUCT £350
orders over £8,000 please DEDUCT £750

Silver Coins and sets etc
orders over £3,000 please DEDUCT £300
orders over £6,000 please DEDUCT £700


CROWNS for Sale

(no edge knocks or mountmarks)


Crowns Tray A-D

Obverse       &         Reverse

Crowns for SaleCrowns reverse

Tray A -D

TOP Line (Left to Right) 
B1 Charles II 1671 VG    £140 
C1 Charles II 1671 VG/F £280 

 Line 2
A2 Charles II 1679 F £200
C2 William III 1695 F £160
D2 William III GF £160 

Line 3
A3  William III 1696 VF £320
B3 William III 1696 F £95
D3 Anne 1708E VG £130 


Line 4
A4  Anne 1708E VG £130
B4  George III 1818 LIX F £80
C4  George III 1818 LVIII NEF small hairline  £560
D4  George III 1818 LIX GVF/NEF £320
Line 5
A5  George III 1819 LIX VG/F £95
B5  George III 1819 LX F £125
 C5 George III 1819 LIX GVF £190
D5  George III 1820 LX GF £100




Crowns Tray E -H

Obverse       &         Reverse

Crowns E-He-h reverse


Tray E-H

TOP Line (Left to Right) 
E1 George III 1820LX VF   £140 
F1 George III 1821sec GF  £100 
GGeorge III 1821sec GVF £195
H1 Victoria 1844LVIII NVF £220

 Line 2
E2 Victoria 1844 VIII NVF £180 
 F2 Victoria 1844 VIII NVF £950
 G2 Victoria 1844 VIII F/NVF £90
 H2 Victoria 1845 VIII F £115

Line 3
E3  Victoria 1845 VIII F £115
FVictoria 1845 VIII F £115
G3 Victoria 1845 VIII F £115
H3 Victoria 1847 VIII F £125


Line 4
EVictoria 1847 F £125
F4  Victoria 1847 LXI NF £95
G4  Victoria 1847  NVF  £230
H4  Victoria 1847 GVF/NEF £90
Line 5
E5  Victoria 1887  NEF £90
F5  Victoria 1887  GVF/NEF £110
 G5 Victoria 1893 LVI NEF £160
H5  Victoria 1893 LVI GEF £290





Crowns Tray J-M

Obverse       &         Reverse




Tray J-M

TOP Line (Left to Right) 
J1  Victoria 1893 LVI  EF £280
K1 Victoria 1893 LVI  GVF £150 
L1 Victoria 1895 LVIX  NEF £140 
M1 Victoria 1897 LX  NEF/GVF £160

 Line 2
J2 Edward VII 1902 F £125
K2 Edward VII 1902 AEF small hairline  £229 
L2 Edward VII 1902 Matt PROOF UNC £280
M2 Edward VII 1902 EF £275

Line 3
J3  Edward VII 1902 EF £275
K3  Edward VII 1902 small scratch GVF £160
L3  Edward VII 1902 GF £95 
M3 Edward VII 1902 GF £95 


Line 4
J4 -M4   George V 1928 GVF £260 each

Line 5
J5   George V 1928 GVF £260 
K5  George V 1929 NEF £260 
 L5   George V 1929 NVF £260 
M5  George V 1930 VF £230 



Crowns Tray N -Q


TOP Line (Left to Right) 
N1  George V 1930 VF £260
O1 George V 1930 VF £260
PGeorge V 1931 GVF £280
Q1 George V 1931 GVF £300

 Line 2
N2 -P2 George V 1933 GVF £290 each








Looking for the Gold and Silver coins and Proof sets ? CLICK this link


We have  recently bought
500 old debentures 

each approx 1/2 metre square with over 40 £3 interest coupons

New Russian Company Ltd, 1910 printed by Waterlow of London

(Pre-WW 1 and the Russian revolution) VF condition

If you would like to be adventurous and
buy a few - possibly ideal to sell on ebay, framing or promotional purposes
They are £6 each or 20 for £110 or 50 for £212.50, 100 for £500, 500 for £2375



How to order

We look forward to receiving your order.

Email to

Please state item/s you wish to purchase AND confirm your delivery address.

Any new customers placing an order over £5000 will require Photo ID and utility bill.

When you order we will send you our bank details and hold the agreed price for 48 hours to allow your payment to be made by bank transfer. All orders supplied with invoice.
Insured post POST FREE

We will send your coins by Insured Royal Mail Special Delivery, 


Collection can be arranged from our office
where we have arranged special safe social distancing procedures,(behind glass)

Your order will be clearly displayed and ready for your inspection and checking.

We have automatic security gates, good private parking only 4 metres from the dealing area

With regards to collection from our office, allow at least 24 hours’ notice to get our stock on the premises a nd allowing for cleared funds on invoice, supported by photo ID and utility bill.

By appointment ONLY

Malcolm Ellis Coins Ltd, Petworth Road, Witley, Surrey GU8 5LX


Please note that we are also very keen to purchase Gold Krugerrands, Sovereigns, 
World Gold Coins & Sets etc. as we are getting very low on stock.

New stock will allow us to compile a new sales list.        

If you are considering investing in gold and buying gold coins,
please phone us to secure a deal at an agreed price based on the spot/fix price of the day.


MALCOLM ELLIS COINS - A family business established 62 years  Telephone 01428 685566  
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