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Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins



Gold Coins and Silver Proof Sets etc. For Sale 

including Sovereigns, Krugerrands etc


Priced on March 5th 2021

All orders over £2,500 POST FREE


GOLD SOVEREIGNS and Half Sovereigns

 Elizabeth II £323 Kings £325
Victoria Veiledhead, Young & Jubilee Old Head £345

One ounce  Krugerrands £1300 each

Ten for £1295 each



Royal Mint Sovereign Mintmark Collection £2450
Total of 7 George V sovereigns from seven different mints with information booklet




1918 George V  Encapsulated Bombay Mint Sovereign £380

1918 Bombay Sovereign



Encapsulated Sovereigns

Three encapsulated Elizabeth II sovereigns £350 each or all three for £1,040

Elizabeth II encapsulated sovereigns



Box of Four encapsulated Victoria sovereigns
4 different heads including one shield back sovereign for £1,490

Four Victoria sovereigns




Five Proof Elizabeth II Sovereigns in capsules and

Eleven proof Half Sovereigns in capsules random dates  

selling as one lot FDC  £3675 

capsule sovereignscapsule sovereigns





KRUGERRANDS and other one ounce gold coins

Krugerrands, Maple Leafs and Britannias for sale    

One ounce  Krugerrands £1300 each

Ten for £1295 each



SA One ounce Gold Protea 1952 -1977 encapsulated  £1500

1982 Proof Krugerrand in red box              £1500


2006 South African Mint four coin Proof set comprising 

One ounce Krugerrand, half, quarter and tenth      £2700


2015 Winston Churchill 1874-1965 South African Mint      £2900

Two Proof sets in carved wooden boxes comprising a.Four coin set One ounce Krugerrand, half, quarter and tenth and silver one ounce(no certificate) And b) Two coin set containing quarter Krugerrand and silver one ounce (with certificate) 


2018 South African Mint four coin Proof set 

comprising quarter Krugerrand, tenth, twentieth and fiftieth in polished wooden box £1500


Four quarter ounce Krugerrands, one tenth Krugerrand, and two tenth Britannias random dates one lot £1820




Edward VII Coronation 1902 Proof set
11 coins Sovereign to Maundy 1d in original Royal Mint case UNC £2200

1902 11 coin proof set1902 11 coin proof set reverse




Edward VII Coronation 1902 Proof set
13 coins Five Pounds to Maundy 1d in original Royal Mint case FDC £7950

1902 13 coin proof set obverse1902 13 coin proof set reverse




Gold Proof Five Pound Pieces £1800 each

Queen Mother 2000 Centenary and 2002 Memorial Year 
Gold Proof Five Pound Pieces  £1800 each 

2000 and 2002 Queen Mother Gold Five pound



 2005 Marriage of HRH Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles  
Gold Proof Five Pound Piece £1800

 Also same Gold £5 piece without case or certificate but in a capsule £1750

Marriage of Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles




1489 -1989 500th Anniversary of The Gold Sovereign

1989 Gold Proof Sovereign £1400

1989 500th anniversary of the sovereign


1489 -1989 500th Anniversary of The Gold Sovereign

1989 Gold Proof £2 piece (No case or certificate) £1850

1989 £2 gold proof1989_Gold_proof_£2



2018 Australian Gold Proof Double Sovereign £740

Australia Double sovereign



Proof Sovereigns

1980 £365 (4 available)

1981 £365

1982 £365

1989 £1400

2004 £425

Proof Half sovereign

1980 £180



1981 two coin set of Proof Sovereign and Royal Marriage Silver crown £380

2000 Jersey Set of two proof sovereigns £760

1994  UK Two coin set of two gold 50 pence (52.8 gram) £2300


1914 two coin set of George V Sovereign and Half Sovereign in case (London Mint) £550

2007 Set of sovereign and Half sovereign (no certificate) £580

1887 Gold £5 piece GVF/NEF Small hairline mark (no case or certificate)  £3500

2002 Gold Proof £2 piece (no case or certificate) £850




Gold Coins TRAY MM - QQ

No mountmarks or edge knocks

Prices below under photos


Obverse    and   Reverse 


mm-QQ gold mm-QQ reverse


Tray MM - QQ

TOP Line (Left to Right) 
MM1  1792 Guinea VF   £880 
NN1  1793 Guinea VG slight crease  £550 
OO1  1789 Guinea VF/GVF £850 
 QQ1  1787 Half Guinea GVF/NEF £500

 Line 2
MM2 1789 Half Guinea VG mountmarks £290
NN2 1790 Half Guinea GVF/NEF £850
OO2 1826 Sovereign EF £960
PP2 1826 Sovereign GVF £790

Line 3
NN3  1830 Sovereign VF £980
OO3  1887 Jubilee £2  GEF/UNC £1800
PP3  1887 Half Sovereign EF £310
 QQ3  1887 Half Sovereign EF £310




Line 4
MM4  1989 Half Sovereign UNC £340
NN4  1820 Half Sovereign VG £330
PP4   1804 Half Guinea GVF £490

Line 5
MM5  1810 Third Guinea GVF £435
NN5  1902 Matt Proof Sovereign EF £950
 OO5 James I Double crown VG slight crease £450

Line 6 USA Gold Bundle of 2 x $10, 4 x $5 & 2 x $1 selling as one lot £3195







2008 GOLD set in wooden box comprising 

14 coins - Emblems of Britain and Royal Shields 

total weight of 22 carat 169.52 grams   £7900

Shields_ and_Emblems Gold set


Also 2008 SILVER Proof set in wooden box comprising 

14 coins - Emblems of Britain and Royal Shields £195

£8100 for both sets



1987  Britannia Four Coin Gold Proof Set FDC   £2590
1oz, half oz, quarter and tenth Original case & certificate 

Also  2004 Britannia Four Coin Gold Proof Set FDC £2590

1987 Britannia four coin gold proof set

More Britannias (no pictures)

1988 Proof Britannia 1oz £1500


1987 Half Proof Britannia £750


9 x Quarter ounce Britannias UNC random dates one lot £1400


2006 Royal Mint Britannia Golden Silhouette collection

Five uncirculated coins 958.40 silver (containing 1 ounce of fine silver)

in case with certificate £310 per set (3 sets available)

2006 Britannia Golden Silhouette collection






Royal Mint Silver Proof Britannia Collections  £140 per set

1998, 2001, 2003 and 2005     

4 coin Silver Proof Britannia set




USA Gold Proof $50 one ounce fine gold £1500

$50 dollar gold proof





14 Mounted Gold Coins - Ideal as jewellery pendants VG/GF

Including 1719 George I guinea, six x scarce George III guineas, 
George IIII 1823 £2 piece 
and 2 x Victoria 1887 Jubilee £2 pieces

plus third guinea, half guinea + 2 half Sovereigns

132.4 grams of 22 carat gold for sale as one lot for £5700 

gold guinea pendants


pendants reverse






Royal Mint 2006 The Queen's 80th Birthday Collection in presentation box 

9 x .925 silver Proof specimen coins and 4 coin .925 silver proof Maundy set FDC £290


 Millennium Silver collection 9 x .925 silver Proof specimen coins and
4 coin .925 silver proof Maundy set FDC £230

Queen's 80th Birthday silver proof set





1950 GB proof sets of 9 coins  £133 per set

(Half crown to Farthing inc scarce 1950 Penny )

1950 Proof set





1951 Festival of Britain GB proof sets of 10 coins
(including scarce 1951 penny)

in original red box £190 each (eight sets available)

1951 Festival of Britain



1953 GB 10 coin proof set in original box UNC/FDC £120

1953 proof set




Royal Mint United Kingdom 2007 Piedfort silver collection £195 (two available)

2007 Piedfort silver collection



The Churchill Centenary Trust 24 silver medals (John Pinches) in Red Leather Presentation Album. Four pages of .925 medals totalling 20 ounces with detailed 14 page description of the life of Sir Winston Churchill £760 (£38 per ounce)

Churchill Centenary Medal Collection


Churchill Centenary Medal Collection



£1500 Silver Investment Lots of

.925 silver Commemorative strikings and world coins

a random mixture of some cased with certificates, some loose and some encapsulated.

Each lot contains 60 ounces of .925 sterling silver

@ £25 per ounce = £1500 (insured carriage free)

The picture above shows the type of material that will be included in your investment lot 
BUT  you can also select from the items seen on 
our silver investment lot page CLICK HERE


British Pre 1947 .500 Silver Coins £1856 per 5.50 kilo bag

EACH Bag of 176.8 ounces (5.5 kilos) of .500 silver

= 88.4 ounces of pure silver (£21 per ounce) 5% over face

3 bags or more only 4% over face 

Pre 1947 silver coins for investment



Covid-Safe Sheltered Outdoor deals. Onsite Parking.

Only 33 miles from London.

Family Business established 60 years.

Also Insured Postal Deals
Immediate payment

Phone 01428 685566


How to order

We look forward to receiving your order.

Email to

Please state item/s you wish to purchase AND confirm your delivery address.

Any new customers placing an order over £5000 will require Photo ID and utility bill.

When you order we will send you our bank details and hold the agreed price for 48 hours to allow your payment to be made by bank transfer. All orders supplied with invoice.
Insured post POST FREE

We will send your coins by Insured Royal Mail Special Delivery, 


Collection can be arranged from our office
where we have arranged special safe social distancing procedures,(behind glass)

Your order will be clearly displayed and ready for your inspection and checking.

We have automatic security gates, good private parking only 4 metres from the dealing area

With regards to collection from our office, allow at least 24 hours’ notice to get our stock on the premises a nd allowing for cleared funds on invoice, supported by photo ID and utility bill.

By appointment ONLY

Malcolm Ellis Coins Ltd, Petworth Road, Witley, Surrey GU8 5LX



MALCOLM ELLIS COINS - A family business established 62 years  Telephone 01428 685566  
Great deals on all Coins and Medals


Please note that we are also very keen to purchase Gold Krugerrands, Sovereigns, 
World Gold Coins & Sets etc. as we are getting very low on stock.

New stock will allow us to compile a new sales list.     


If you are considering investing in gold and buying gold coins,
please phone us to secure a deal at an agreed price based on the spot/fix price of the day.

With social distancing restrictions, we ARE still trading 
 please phone 01428 685566  for latest prices and availability  


We will send your coins by Insured Royal Mail Special Delivery,
which we have found to be safe and reliable.



collect in person by arrangement allowing at least 24 hours’ notice to get our stock to our premises from our bank safe deposit boxes and allowing for cleared funds on invoice, supported by photo ID and utility bill.
(By appointment ONLY please)

 You can visit our offices in Surrey, 30 miles from London, where we have free private parking onsite


Please observe the following procedure when calling at Malcolm Ellis Coins to collect your coins.


Please do NOT visit without a prior appointment.


When the deal takes place we will refund part of your petrol expenses



Stop at the black gates to the left of Wizard Video Productions and telephone us and we will open the alarmed security Gates.


Please drive 20 metres towards the back of the premises and park next to the table to the right.


You will see the dealing Conservatory located 10 metres from the parking spot.


You will then be able to sit in a dry and a sheltered spot close to the conservatory window glass at all times witnessing my demonstration of your coins before handing them to you.



This procedure will ensure that, not only will we strictly adhere to the 2 metre safe social distancing ruling but, in addition, extra precautions are taken by double glazing thus offering total protection.



Please make a bank transfer to our account in advance of collection and we can check that we have received the funds. 



Also for deals over £5,000 please ensure you bring photocopies  of your Photo ID and Utility bill so as we can complete  the sales invoice or purchase invoice. 


Please do NOT visit without a prior appointment.


Please note that we are also keen to purchase Gold Krugerrands, Sovereigns, World Gold Coins & Sets etc.

and silver coins and commemorative strikings.        


All orders supplied with invoice.

Thank you,

Malcolm Ellis

01428  685566


Please note we urgently require to purchase all gold coins
and quality silver and copper coins to enable us
to compile a new sales list.

MALCOLM ELLIS COINS - A family business established 60 years

Telephone 01428 685566


Best deals on all Coins and Medals






























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