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Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins


Silver Investment from £21 - £28 per ounce

As the majority of our business is in investment gold coins (VAT exempt) we are not required to register for VAT.

We can therefore offer the following limited quantities of silver investment without charging VAT.



£1500 Silver Investment Lots of

.925 silver Commemorative strikings and world coins

a random mixture of some cased with certificates, some loose and some encapsulated.

Each lot contains 60 ounces of .925 sterling silver

@ £25 per ounce = £1500 (insured carriage free)

The picture above shows the type of material that will be included in your investment lot 
BUT  you can also select from the items seen below on this page 

Multiple lots available



The Hundred Greatest Masterpieces 1st edition Proof Set (John Pinches)

in wooden cabinet containing six trays of 100 medals (5 cm diameter)

 totalling 211.89 ounces of .925 sterling silver (pictured above and below) £5297

(£25 per ounce)

100 Greatest Masterpieces


100 Greatest Masterpieces




50th Anniversary of the Wartime Premiership of Winston Churchill 1874 -1965

in red case with individual information leaflets

25 silver medals average 45.3 grams each 45mm diameter (by Spink)

Total 36.41 ounces x .925 silver x £27 per ounce = £983

5oth anniversary Winston Churchill Spink set




The Thomason Medallic Bible in Album with information pages.

57 Medals (average weight 41.05 grams) & each 44 mm diameter

Total of 75.23 ounces of .925 sterling silver @ (£25 per ounce) £1880

Thomason Medallic Bible



British Pre 1920 .925 Silver Coins £4420 per 5.50 kilo bag

EACH Bag of 176.8 ounces (5.5 kilos) of .925 silver (£25 per ounce)


Pre 1920 silver


History of the English Speaking Peoples (Danbury Mint)  

50 medals (45 mm diameter) in Album

 Total 66 ounces of .925 sterling silver, 22 carat gold layered £1716 (£26 per ounce)

History of English Speaking Peoples





1974 Silver Balboas Republica de Panama

 4.18 ounces each of .925 silver £110 each (£26.30 per ounce)

 Proof Balboas £117 each (£28 per ounce)

Silver Balboas Panama




50th Anniversary of the Coronation Guernsey £50 Proof silver coin cased with certificate 35.15 ounces (1 kilo) of .925 silver £980 (£27.88 per ounce)

£5 silver Guernsey i kilo coin


Looking for the Gold and Silver coins and Proof sets ? CLICK HERE


Washington Mint Giant Proof Half Pound Golden Eagle cased with certificate 8 ounces of .925 silver layered with 24 carat gold £224 (£28 per ounce)

Giant Proof Half Pound Golden Eagle





24 (of the set of 25) Elizabeth Our Queen sterling silver medals from John Pinches issued in 1976 totalling 19.77 ounces with certification £494 (£25 per ounce)

Elizabeth Our Queen medals


Toye Kenning and Spencer Silver Plates in cases

Pickwick Sterling silver plates £28 per ounce

Pickwick silver plate

1976 Pickwick Christmas plate 14.46 ounces £404

1977 Pickwick Christmas plate 13.50 ounces £378

1978 Pickwick Christmas plate 14.14 ounces £395

Pickwick Coaching plate 13.44 ounces £376

Pickwick skating 14.46 ounces £404


George Washington 13.50 ounces £378

George III 13.82 ounces £386

Gerald Ford 13.66 ounces £382


John Pinches Silver Plates in cases

Wedding of Captain Mark Phillips and Princess Anne

9 ounces (2 in stock) £252 each



British Pre 1947 .500 Silver Coins £1856 per 5.50 kilo bag

EACH Bag of 176.8 ounces (5.5 kilos) of .500 silver

= 88.4 ounces of pure silver (£21 per ounce) 5% over face

3 bags or more only 4% over face 

Pre 1947 silver coins for investment



Stockroom Clearance Sale

Silver Threepences George V & VI average condition 100 for £65 
or 1000 for £630
or 10,000 for £6000

post 1960 Crowns  random dates 
100 for £90 or 1000 for £600

post 1960 Crowns in plastic cases random dates  100 for £175

 out of change Old pennies and Halfpennies  

one Bag (weighing ten kilos) £70 per bag

10 x ten kilo bags for £600 (£60 per bag)

50 x ten kilo bags for £2750 (£55 per bag)


11 kilos of GB Cupro nickel coins (face value £100) £150

or eight bags GB Cupro nickel coins (face value £800) for £1120


11 kilo Bag of cupro nickel 4,000 sixpences (face value £100) £360 per bag

or three bags of cupro nickel 4,000 sixpences for £1000


(Also yet to sort large trunk full of old stocks and bonds accumulated over the last 40 years £2 -£20 each)





Covid-Safe Sheltered Outdoor deals. Onsite Parking.

Only 33 miles from London.

Family Business established 60 years.

Also Insured Postal Deals
Immediate payment

Phone 01428 685566


How to order

We look forward to receiving your order.

Email to

Please state item/s you wish to purchase AND confirm your delivery address.

Any new customers placing an order over £5000 will require Photo ID and utility bill.

When you order we will send you our bank details and hold the agreed price for 48 hours to allow your payment to be made by bank transfer. All orders supplied with invoice.
Insured post POST FREE

We will send your coins by Insured Royal Mail Special Delivery, 


Collection can be arranged from our office
where we have arranged special safe social distancing procedures,(behind glass)

Your order will be clearly displayed and ready for your inspection and checking.

We have automatic security gates, good private parking only 4 metres from the dealing area

With regards to collection from our office, allow at least 24 hours’ notice to get our stock on the premises a nd allowing for cleared funds on invoice, supported by photo ID and utility bill.

By appointment ONLY

Malcolm Ellis Coins Ltd, Petworth Road, Witley, Surrey GU8 5LX



MALCOLM ELLIS COINS - A family business established 62 years  Telephone 01428 685566  
Great deals on all Coins and Medals


Please note that we are also very keen to purchase Gold Krugerrands, Sovereigns, 
World Gold Coins & Sets etc. as we are getting very low on stock.

New stock will allow us to compile a new sales list.     


If you are considering investing in gold and buying gold coins,
please phone us to secure a deal at an agreed price based on the spot/fix price of the day.


With social distancing restrictions, we ARE still trading 
 please phone 01428 685566  for latest prices and availability