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Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins



Silver Investment from £19 per ounce

As the majority of our business is in investment gold coins (VAT exempt) we are not required to register for VAT.

We can therefore offer the following limited quantities of silver investment without charging VAT.


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NEW listing of several items of PURE .999 Silver


1oz Pure Silver Uk Britannias - All in Royal Mint original sealed packets

50 x £24 each = £1200

100 x £23.50 each = £2350

Insured Post Free




1977 UK Coin Crown Silver Proof Silver Jubilee

5 x £24 each = £120

10 x £23 each = £230



1972 Uk Coin Crown Silver Proof Silver Wedding Anniversary

 5 x £23 (£115)



1980 UK Queen Mother 80th Birthday Silver Proof Crown Coin

5 x £23 (£115)




REF 53 WWII Silver Convoy (SL 64) - 10oz Pure Silver £290




REF 54 Westminster Mint 1991 Legends of the Royal Air Force Collection

4 x 31.11 gr = 4.00oz Pure.999 silver @ £24 per ounce £96





comprising 30 pure .999 silver proof medals encapsulated

in five pages - a total of 40.68 grams = 39.24 oz x £29 = £1137

Medals including, Isaac Newton, Magna Carta, Thomas E. Lawrence, Queen Victoria, Lord Nelson, King Arthur, Geoffrey Chaucer, Dunkirk, Battle of Agincourt, Stonehenge, etc.

Britannia society medals


Lawrence of Arabia




REF 56 The Anniversary of the Guinea Eight Coin Set by London Mint

each coin 12.5 grams of .999 silver (selectively layered in pure 24 carat gold)

Total 100grams (3.21 ounces @ £29 per ounce = £93

Anniversary of the Guinea






REF 61 Henry VIII Silver Britannia Diamond and Ruby Tudor Rose

155.60 grams of .999 silver = 5 ounces @ £29 = £145

Tudor Rose



REF 62 60th Anniversary of the Coronation

4 x .999 Silver Crown set 1.56 oz @ £32 = £49

60th anniversary of coronation






£1260 Sterling Silver Investment Lots of

.925 silver Commemorative strikings, commemorative silver stamps, sterling silver coins, and a sterling silver plate

a mixture of some cased with certificates & some loose

(N.B. The Bahamas sets are .925 silver with 2 x .800 silver coins calculated to .925. The balance of five coins are base metal and free of charge)

.925 silver lots

Each lot contains 60 ounces of .925 sterling silver

@ £21 per ounce = £1260

The picture above shows the type of material that will be included in your investment lot 

Limited lots available




REF 64 Royal Mint 2006 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday Silver Proof Coin Collection

 17 x 28.4 grams = 482.8 grams =

15.52 oz of .925 sterling silver @ £24 per ounce £372





REF 67 International Society of Postmasters' albums
Each set is a Combination of 36 Silver commemorative medals
and World Wide First day covers

The silver medals of each set weigh a total of 23.39 oz sterling silver @ £ 22 per oz

£514 per set or two sets for £1018

 Three sets starting with Albert Schweitzer, Germany

Two sets starting with Bounty Day, Pitcairn Islands

International PostmastersInternational Postmasters ex






REF 68 History of the English Speaking Peoples (Danbury Mint)  

50 medals (45 mm diameter) in Album

 Total 66 ounces of .925 sterling silver, 22 carat gold layered £1518 (£23 per ounce)

History of English Speaking Peoples





60 ounce bags of Pre-1920 .925 Sterling silver coins
in average 'out of change' condition  £1450

£17 face value of random mixture of 2/6, 2/-, 1/- and 6d

(all over 100 years old) 

pre 20 silver




British Pre-1947 .500 Silver Coins £1700 per 5.50 kilo bag

EACH Bag of 176.8 ounces (5.5 kilos) of .500 silver

= 88.4 ounces of pure silver (£19.23 per ounce)

a random mixture of 2/6, 2/-, 1/- and 6d

Also available

British Pre-1947 .500 Silver Coins £850 per 2.75 kilo bag

EACH Bag of 88.4 ounces (2.75 kilos) of .500 silver

= 44.2 ounces of pure silver (£19.23 per ounce)

a random mixture of 2/6, 2/-, 1/- and 6d

(all over 74 years old) 


Pre 1947 silver coins for investment



silver investment





More Expensive Pre-1920 and Pre-1947 Silver Coins



2.75 kilo (88.4 ounces) bags of Pre-1920 .925 Sterling silver coins
in BETTER condition  £2110

£25 face value of random mixture of 2/6, 2/-, 1/- and 6d

(all over 100 years old) 

pre 20 silver




 2.75 kilo bags of Pre-1947 .500 silver coins in 'about  EF to EF plus' condition

£25 face value of random mixture of 2/6, 2/-, 1/- and 6d

(all over 75 years old)     £1390

selected pre 1947






Covid-Safe Sheltered Outdoor deals. Onsite Parking.

Only 30 miles from London.

Family Business established 63 years.

Also Insured Postal Deals
Immediate payment

Phone 01428 685566


How to order

We look forward to receiving your order.

Email to

Please state item/s you wish to purchase AND confirm your delivery address.

Any new customers placing an order over £5000 will require Photo ID and utility bill.

When you order we will send you our bank details and hold the agreed price for 48 hours to allow your payment to be made by bank transfer. All orders supplied with invoice.
Insured post POST FREE

We will send your coins by Insured Royal Mail Special Delivery, 


Collection can be arranged from our office
where we have arranged special safe social distancing procedures,(behind glass)

Your order will be clearly displayed and ready for your inspection and checking.

We have automatic security gates, good private parking only 4 metres from the dealing area

With regards to collection from our office, allow at least 24 hours’ notice to get our stock on the premises a nd allowing for cleared funds on invoice, supported by photo ID and utility bill.

By appointment ONLY

Malcolm Ellis Coins Ltd, Petworth Road, Witley, Surrey GU8 5LX



MALCOLM ELLIS COINS - A family business established 62 years  Telephone 01428 685566  
Great deals on all Coins and Medals


Please note that we are also very keen to purchase Gold Krugerrands, Sovereigns, 
World Gold Coins & Sets etc. as we are getting very low on stock.

New stock will allow us to compile a new sales list.     


If you are considering investing in gold and buying gold coins,
please phone us to secure a deal at an agreed price based on the spot/fix price of the day.


With social distancing restrictions, we ARE still trading 
 please phone 01428 685566  for latest prices and availability