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Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins




      V.F.    UNC.
          £       £
   Victoria   1837 - 1901    
  - young head          2       8

  - jubilee head

         2       8
  - old head          1         5
  Edward VII   1901 - 1910        1         8
  George V   1910 - 1936      40p      50p
  George VI   1936 - 1952     40p      50p





Please phone 01428 685566 or email :


SEND your coins to us by Royal Mail Special Insured Delivery, which we have always found to be prompt and reliable. Please pack your coins, (and any medals for which we will quote you a price) in a padded envelope which are obtainable from the Post office or stationers. Packets can be insured for up to £10,000 each and cost up to £19.00. (for deals and despatches over £10,000 please send multiple packages)

We will receive by 1pm the next day and telephone you to confirm receipt and payment amount. Please include your telephone number. We pay by immediate bank transfer, so please supply your bank sort code and account number. 

If you would prefer to CALL AT OUR OFFICE, please telephone us on 01428 685566 to discuss further and arrange a mutually convenient time.We have arranged a safe dealing area (behind glass) where 2 metre social distancing can be strictly observed. The coins will not leave your sight until the deal is concluded.

Payment will be made by either cash (to a limited quantity) or immediate bank transfer while you wait so please bring your bank details, photo id, utility bill 

We have good onsite private parking, with automatic security gates. Parking is only 6 metres from the dealing area. 



Covid-Safe Sheltered Outdoor deals. 
Onsite Parking.

Only 33 miles from London.

Family Business established 63 years.

Also Insured Postal Deals
Immediate payment

Phone 01428 685566

If you would like to know more about our service please click HERE 

to see our Home Page Information video.