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Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Malcolm Ellis Coins

Prices we pay for gallantry and distinguished service MEDALS 

Please phone us on 01428 685566 for an offer

or If you would like to email an enquiry direct to Malcolm
please click below:


The following are the minimum prices we pay for British decorations and medals for Gallantry or Distinguished Service.

These prices are for medals that are attributable to a group.


 Victoria Cross      1st World War       200,000   
     2nd World War   220,000
     Post 1945   250,000
 Distinguished Service Cross    Service Cross ( D.S.O.)       1100
 Military Cross  ( M.C.)    1st World War         400
     2nd World War       1100
     Post 1946       1500
 Distinguished Flying Cross    1st World War       1100
     2nd World War       1250
 Air Force Cross    A.F.C.         900
 Albert Medal    A.M.       5000
 Distinguished Conduct Medal    1st World War       1100
     2nd World War       3350
     Post 1948       8000
 Conspicous Gallantry Medal    C.G.M.       5750
 Royal Air Force or Royal Navy           5750
 The Military Medal  ( M.M.)    1st World War         200
     2nd World War         750
     Post 1948       2300
 Distinguished Flying Medal (D.F.M.)    1st World War       2200
     2nd World War      2200
     post 1949

Please phone us on 01428 685566 for an offer.




If you are unable to visit us, you can use the Post Office's
next day insured service known as Royal Mail Insured Special Delivery.

We have always found this Royal Mail Insured Special Delivery service to be efficient, prompt and reliable.

Please pack your coins, (and any medals or banknotes, for which we will quote you a price.) in a padded envelope which is obtainable from the Post office or stationers.

Send them to us by
Royal Mail Special Insured Delivery
, which we have always found to be prompt and reliable.
Packets can be insured for up to £2,500 each and cost about £10.00.
We will pay you £5.00 per envelope towards this cost.

We will receive by 1pm the next day & sign the receipt and telephone you to confirm receipt and payment.
Please include your telephone number and the name to whom you require the cheque payable.

If you prefer payment by an immediate bank transfer, please supply your bank sort code and account number.

For customers sending us heavy lots, for example large quantities of Royal Mint Sets and pre-1947 silver coins etc, we will pay 50% of the cost of the Royal Mail Special Insured Delivery. As a guide these costs are 10kg maximum for one parcel insured for £2,500 = total cost £24.20

If you would like to vist us in person please click HERE for more details

If you would like to know more about our service please click HERE 

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